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Tax Attorney For Your IRS Audit

The Law Office of Pietro Canestrelli aggressively represents clients before federal and California state taxing authorities, with the objective of resolving their tax controversy at audit prior to litigation. At times, litigation is unavoidable or in the client's best interest. We have substantial experience and get great results with IRS Audits.


Types of Audits we handle

Income Tax Audits

Individual taxpayer and small businesses are frequently the target of income audits by the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board. Our tax attorneys will represent you from the initial audit through the appeals process and continue into litigation in the U.S. Tax Court as well as the California Office of Tax Appeal. Attorney Pietro Canestrelli has represented hundreds of taxpayers before the U.S. Tax Court and hundreds more before the IRS Appeals division in income tax disputes and has reduced the amount owed by his clients by millions of dollars.

Taxpayers are often scared and confused by the income tax audit process. The taxpayer is at a disadvantage because of the asymmetry of knowledge and is frequently shocked by the audit results. Taxpayers would do well to bring in experienced representation as early as possible.

Sales Tax Audits

The California Department of Tax and Fees Administration conducts sales and use tax audits on businesses. Many businesses are unaware of the rules for selling tangible personal property and buying out of state products for use in California. Attorney Pietro Canestrelli has represented many taxpayers before the CDTFA in sales and use tax disputes.

Employment Tax Audits

The IRS and the California Employment Development audit taxpayers' employment tax returns or reclassify independent contractors as employees imposing employment taxes and penalties. Attorney Pietro Canestrelli has represented many taxpayers before these taxing authorities, reducing taxes and penalties.

The impact in California of AB 5 and the ever-changing rules on who is and who is not an employee is a pitfall for business. Businesses should consult with tax experts preferably before these are audited to determine if they are in compliance with the latest California rules.

Tax-Exempt Audits

Tax-exempt non-profit organizations are also subject to IRS audits to determine if they have violated any of the many tax-exempt rules of the Internal Revenue Code. The Law Office of Pietro Canestrelli has represented many tax-exempt entities before the IRS to keep their tax-exempt status and avoid penalties.

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